Mentoring Program

Structured Performance Framework: A project framework inclusive of agreed (shared) monitoring, reporting and communications protocols, KPIs and a dispute resolution model will be developed and implemented in line with the client's requirements.

Establish Family Support Networks

A structured family support service and a family support network for Aboriginal employees are established by the Opportunities Without Boundaries Mentor. The Mentor is also responsible for communicating with and liaising with the employee's family to ensure family support and encouragement is forthcoming.

Facilitate opportunities to maintain Aboriginal employment on Client's projects through identifying and responding to the unique family, community and cultural structure of Indigenous Australians whilst taking into account their respective language groups.

One of OWB's largest advantages is that our employees come with Mentors without an over inflated cost to the Client. There are no hefty upfront fees for Mentors. Our Mentors are there to support our employees and we pride ourselves on the support that we offer our employees. Our Mentors never have any more than 15 employees to support; this ensures that they can provide "personal" support.


At OWB we believe that a leader is defined by their actions. A true leader not only has the vision and passion but they also exude the inner sense of commitment and tenacity.