Vision and Mission

The world is continually evolving around us. Here in Australia the identified cultural divide between Australians commonly known as the 'Gap'("Closing the Gap") has fast become a chasm.

To ensure our success as a business we have to look ahead, understand the developments and opportunities that will shape our business in the future and move promptly to set up for what's to come. We must plan and prepare for tomorrow today. That's what OWB's Vision encompasses. It creates a solid purpose for our business and provides us with a framework for creating a unified Australia.

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the framework to create a culturally sensitive and cohesive learning environment where all Australians freely gain knowledge of one another's culture together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support all Australians in developing their understanding of Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander people's unique family, community and cultural structure. 

How we will achieve our Vision:

OWB offer a “Full Circle” approach to Aboriginal employment and engagement within our Client’s organisation. From the design, delivery and implementation of an Aboriginal Employment Strategy to a review of your company’s training and support services for employees in the workplace. We can assist with all aspects of Aboriginal Relation issues within your business including:

¨ Tendering initiatives tailored to your specific requirements

¨ Custom-made Cultural Competency Training Packages to suit your particular requests

¨ Development of Aboriginal Management Plans

¨ Design and implementation of an Aboriginal Employment Strategy

¨ Customised training plans and inductions 

¨ Culturally sensitive career progression plans

¨ Mentor Training Programs

¨ Retention & Recruitment strategies - customising the HR process

¨ Training needs analysis and culturally sensitive support packages

¨ Long term Aboriginal programs tailored to your specific needs